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Roseara Asia Hygienic Production Laboratory was established in 2010 in Salimi Industrial zone, Tabriz. This production unit is currently producing baby products under the trade name Weecare, as well as lady products under the trade name Uniled, in order to supply the market and also provide security in the market.


4. The company is serving the world most modern and state of the art technology as well as the experts among the world most experienced managers from Turkey. A complete range of producing and packaging are accomplished by all automatic European machines. Rose Ara Asia holder of ISO 9001 International Certification and GMP from ICS Company authenticated by USAS Canada, with the aim of export and also supply domestic requirements, has begun the process of producing all most used and useful products with state of the art technology. Rose Ara Asia is trying to recruit the leading experts in this field to introduce these products all over the world and supply the needs of other countries.

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6. The productive relationship between the medical society of the country and the research and development faculty of Rose Ara Asia, the efficient work of more than 40 internal scientists, and using precious opinions and feedback of the country's experts, makes Rose Ara Asia products to be presented with an increasing quality in the market. The technology of production and formulation of these products is designed in such a way that its primary raw materials are free from alcohol, paraben, soap and sodium lauryl sulfate for the first time in Iran.

Roseara Asia

Rosenarmin Tamin

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9. Niko Tamin Nonwoven Textile Company was founded in 2005 with the aim of producing and supplying spunlace fibers and it is one of the top and most productive manufacturers in this area. Utilizing the world most up to date technology, European machines (Trutzschler & Fleissner), technical know-how and experience of experts in spunlace production, and preferring two co-production cotton lines in addition to polyester and viscose lines are of the advantages of the company, which make its products special and distinctive among the competitors.

How to establish the company

Due to internal circumstances in 2016, Mr. Bahram Javadpour, Managing Director of Azar Gostaran Asia Company, having regard to the previous background of the leading company producing the top brand of wet wipes in Iran, and due to the domestic demand for wet wipe fibers and not to import it from Europe anymore, decided to reboot the company under the trade name of Rose Narmin Tamin. It should be noted that what has always been of concern to the managers of this group is to pay attention to the quality of the manufactured product and its continuous improvement. Using innovative methods, this manufacturing company has met every level of customers demand by promoting its products to the highest and most unique quality.

Spunlace Production
Given that spunlace is increasingly imported from other countries for consumption in the hygienic and cellulosic industries, and also considering the comparative advantages of the country to produce it, as well as increasing its consumption worldwide, the company made a small contribution to supply domestic demands as well as to export superior quality products to European countries, with the help of its hardworking competent managers and their planning.



Rosenarmin Tamin

Rosepolymer Novin Behdasht

In early 2017, due to his extensive experience and research in the field of production and import of polymeric mother and child products, he began to manufacture products in Rose Polymer Novin Behdasht Complex in a completely hygienic environment. Relying on experience and knowledge in addition to presence of loyal supporters and advocate customers are and will be a valuable support for the growth and excellence of this holding.


Rosepakhsh Gostar Asia

Rose Pakhsh Gostar Asia Company, the Channel Distribution Company.

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